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Wednesday, July 19

8:00am CDT

9:00am CDT

ACAP/ACT Resources within the EnVision curriculum (building custom quizzes with ACAP/ACT type questions and best practices) Room 268Cindy Ham Co-teaching in the Secondary Classroom: Two Heads are Better Than One! Room 4Nancy Caruthers • Carol Perez-Turner Decision making with Star CBM Room 271Kathi Reeves • Judy Steingass Differentiating Instruction with Newsela Room 7Andy Sullivan Fun and Engaging Free STEM/CS Activities for Grades 5-9 Room 96Scott Mains Getting Savvy with Savvas Room 269Elissa Archer Intervention in the K-6 Math Classroom Room 91Martha Robertson Introduction to Desmos Classroom Room 270Wes Overton Let's Talk About Books- Elementary (K-4) Room 252Jacquelyn Wilson Leveraging StudySync to Differentiate for ALL Learners! Room 5Shay Stewart Making the Most of NoRedInk Modules Room 19Maggie Hagan-Brayton On Beyond Docs Room 16Allie Schultze PowerSchool SIS Attendance Room 251Chris Glover PowerSchool SIS Basics Room 243Joseph Griffith Question Generation to Support Comprehension - KTL Room 17Dr. Ivetha Witherspoon Redefining the Whiteboard Room 93Dina Barrere Stop In & Learn: Structuring Your Secondary Classroom for Engaged Literacy Learning Room 20Karen Love Student Led Writing Conferences Room 254Barbara Bateman Feeling Overwhelmed? Check out the FREE EAP - Employee Assistance Program! Room 28Amanda Barber • Erin Miller Face Painting with Moonpie Mama Room 45 - Art RoomLaurie Newell Gizmos + Troublesome Topics in High School Math Room 267Chanel Johnson Intro to Adobe Express in the Classroom Room 201Debbie Roethke New Teacher Academy: Getting Started with Discovery Education (K-12, all content areas) Room 255Kristen Atwood Organizing Schoology for Student Engagement Room 3Katherine Kren Reading Intervention using Scholastic Rise & Rise Up Room 207Holly Christian SIB, FBA, BIP....Oh My! Making Sense of Severe Behavior Room 8Dr. Allan Allday Adobe Level Two Certification Room 202Mandy Froehlich Secondary Guided Reading Group 6 - Review of Resources & Prompting that Makes a Difference Room 206Catherine Douthard

10:00am CDT

5 Ways to Enhance Your Classroom's Community Room 92Doug Caldwell Designing Inquiry for Student Engagement Room 28 Desmos Graphing Calculator – Basics Room 270Wes Overton Early Warning Truancy Prevention Program Room 254Denita Hill Envision Curriculum: Using enVision to create meaningful mathematical discourse (Introduction and purpose to Step 1, tips for effectively implementing Step 1 to generate math discourse, see a Step 1 in action, connect... Room 268Cindy Ham Introduction To OnBase Room 243Lance Lewis It's Alive! Science and Literature Room 4Brittany Eames • Carol Perez-Turner Let's Talk Books (5th-12th Grade) Room 252Jacquelyn Wilson Make a Break(out) for it! Room 16Allie Schultze NoRedInk Design and Assign: Quick Writes Room 19Maggie Hagan-Brayton Padlet Basics Room 95Katie Nettles PowerSchool SIS Truancy Room 251Chris Glover PreACT Math Data - Exploration through Activities Room 269Roma Kerby Quick Writes to Support Content Learning Room 17Dr. Ivetha Witherspoon Reinforcing Reading Skills with Newsela Room 7Andy Sullivan Relationships Before Rigor: How Building Community in Your Classroom Makes Rigor Possible Room 5Megan Foy • Lauren Latham Stop In & Learn: Structuring Your Secondary Classroom for Engaged Literacy Learning Room 20Karen Love Understanding and Administering Star CBM with Fidelity Room 271Kathi Reeves • Judy Steingass Unlock the World of Coding in Middle School: Learning Blade’s Introduction to Coding Room G - 9th Grade AcademyScott Mains enVision Math K-6 Back to Basics Room 91Martha Robertson

11:00am CDT

Canva Extreme! Room 252Stacey Weakley "Don't Make Me....": Rethinking Our Responses to Problem Behavior Room 8Dr. Allan Allday Developing Confident Writers (Grades 6-12) Room 95Megan Foy Discovery Education’s English Language Learner Accessibility Features (K-12,) Room 255Kristen Atwood Help Your Students with Visual Literacy: 4 Ways to Enhance Photography in the Classroom Room 92Doug Caldwell • Nikki Schwartz Homeless and Unaccompanied Homeless Youth: Counselors, Social Workers, Registrars and Admins – HELP! Room 96Barb Rudolph • Jennifer Bedgood Interactive Panel Chromebox Tips and Tricks Room 253Greg Warren Math Intervention Resources (Readiness Assessment, Math Intervention Lessons, Math Diagnosis and Intervention System) Room 268Cindy Ham NoRedInk Design and Assign: Guided Drafts Room 19Maggie Hagan-Brayton Professionalism for Educators Room 93Nichole King Reimagining Your Required Reading: How Sigital Makes a Difference Room 3Danny Lapchak Stop In & Learn: Structuring Your Secondary Classroom for Engaged Literacy Learning Room 20Karen Love Student Presentations with Adobe Express Room 201Debbie Roethke Supporting Student Engagement with Newsela Room 7Andy Sullivan Teacher Tips for the Using Desmos Graphing Calculator Room 269Mallory Jayjohn • Annie Freeman TeachLogic: Maximizing the Benefits of your Instructional Audio / Teacher Microphones System Room 28Shawn Rosenberger What's your best Career Tech lesson? Room 5Alyssa Corbitt Wednesday Food Truck #2 Outside

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